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Naturist membership in SNU-UNS Associations

There are no direct members of the SNU-UNS, all members are organized in associations (clubs). Membership in a Swiss association offers to be an active part of the naturist family, nationally and internationally. As a member of a Swiss SNU-UNS association, you will receive a pass that allows access to all naturist areas worldwide. The advantages of membership are manifold:

  • Guarantee of quality and respect among naturists

  • Openness and sincerity in all age groups

  • Friendship as an individual as well as with other families

  • Healthy relaxation among his own kind

  • Discretion about origin and name is the top priority

  • Possibility to participate in all naturist activities

  • In some naturist centers price reduction for holiday stays

  • Special activities in the SNU-UNS member associations

Contact a Swiss SNU-UNS association of your choice

Foreign holiday cards without membership


The SNU-UNS issues holiday cards, renewable annually. However, these holiday cards are only valid abroad and do not entitle you to enter a naturist area in Switzerland or participate to events organized by the SNU-UNS and the INF. The passes are issued personally for each year.

Should you prefer a foreign holiday card, please fill out the form.

Passive Membership

If your organisation wishes to become a passive member of the umbrella association, here are the SNU-UNS statutes

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